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A Guide to Oak Whiskey Barrels 


Winemakers think of what will make the wine and how it will smell to sell to customers. Also, they should also think of the barrels in which the whiskey wine is to be stored. Even simple things such as cork seem to undergo several findings of how it behaves. The same applies to the whiskey barrel itself. In the choice, one should consider several factors. Price of the barrel is one of them. He or she should choose the one that is affordable and which will make a profit once it is used for storage and sold even with or without recycling. However one should choose a barrel that can recycle or can be sold to a customer who may need a takeaway wine. This is economical. Making wine is, therefore, an involving process and its not just a beverage as many people say.


Wine drinkers will just notice the mini whiskey barrel, the cork, the label and the lastly the wine and seldom think about what has made the wine. The oak tree is being used in making whiskey wine barrels. The white oak, American and French gives whiskey its mouthy feel, color aroma, and flavor. Barrels are the one that replaced animal skins close to two thousand years ago. Oak as a preferred barrel source is only 1400 years old. History notes that wine in the first century BC was stored in wooden barrels. Many people in the world have the believe that using white oak for wine storage and aging was a substantial discovery in the wine brewing industry. White oak barrels are said to induce specific characteristics in wine especially the red wine. People widely appreciated and respected this discovery but with time a better wine was produced through chemistry.


A high-quality oak barrel can make up to a third of the price of a good bottle of wine to the seller. This ensures a lot of sales at https://redheadoakbarrels.com/aging-barrel-store/oak-aging-barrels/. The barrel has to be good because the wine stays in for even more than a year. The length of wine aging is usually determined by several factors such as the origin of the oak being used either from France, America or Hungary.


The curing, toasting methods and the desired textures of flavors, and the aroma of the finished wine also affect the aging time. Most of these barrels used in the whiskey wine storage were extracted from oaks aging 125 years old. All the other wood from oak is used for furniture and about ten percent used in the making of wine barrels. For more facts and information about whiskey barrels, visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bu5KgQn7Cwg.